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Guidance and inspiration to nourish the writer in you

You’re a writer at heart, and now is your time.

You’ve done what you’re supposed to do, now you’re doing what you want.

By the Book understands and is here to provide all the information, inspiration and support you need. Whether you need book coaching, publishing, or even inspiration through our subscription box, we are here for you!

It’s time to make your dreams come true!

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By the Book is a company that strives to provide everything you need as a writer, whether you are an amateur or a professional.



Writers are at different points in their lives and have lived different lives. We meet them where they are.


Writing can be vulnerable and scary. We approach clients with a sense of understanding and empathy.


Even when the subject is hard, when it is heavy, it is done In a spirit of healing and from a place of positivity.


Wearing a mask means staying closed off and not open to being trusted. Being ourselves and being true to what we believe is our route to establishing a trusting relationship with our clients.