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By the Book Publishing is an indie publishing company with a passion for helping people bring their dreams to life.

Nothing inspires us more than working with authors to help produce a book that is a one-of-a-kind creation.

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Publishing by By the Book Publishing

In the past, to become an author you had one avenue open to you and that was to get a deal through a traditional publishing house. With the advent of the internet and print on demand, the possibilities have become almost endless.

At By the Book Publishing, we provide what is called a hybrid publishing option. If we accept your manuscript for publishing, we provide the interior layout, cover design and publishing on Amazon. The book bears the By the Book Publishing imprint. These services are free of charge.

In return, you commit to following a marketing plan we provide and we retain 60% of the royalties from the sale of your books.

We provide a monthly report on your sales and pay you royalties every three months.

Online payment

Self-Publishing set up on Amazon

If you decide you want to do it all yourself, we’re still here to help! This self-publishing option will help you get your book listed on Amazon while avoiding all the common mistakes!


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If you have an idea but no time, inclination or maybe you just feel you can’t write well enough, we can help transition your idea into reality.

We specialize in books to help you market your business. Nothing says speaking engagement, media coverage or expert more than an author. 

If you would rather have your autobiography published as a keepsake for your family, we can help you too!

Or maybe you have a killer plot line for a new murder mystery? Hmmmmm…. the plot thickens. 

Prices begin at $5,000


List and link of books published by BTBPublishing

Pink, Pink, What Do You Think?

A flipbook on the genderization of the colors pink and blue.
By Carla Howatt

The Deception

A novel by Carla Howatt

The Retreat

A novella series By Carla Howatt

The Story of Eve

Book 2 of the Retreat Series By Carla Howatt

Lights out Saskatchewan!

By Randa Hopkins and Gayle Garneau

Sharp Women, Central Alberta

By Your Life on Point: Sharp Women

Sharp Women, Heartland

Jan-March, 2021 by Your Life on Point, Sharp Women